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Resident Sends Congratulations to Old Friends

July 30, 2021
This may be one of the most endearing stories we have witnessed in this industry. Lee and Christine have been friends for years, and for a while, both resided at Beachwood Pointe.

Lee moved to Heather Hill a few years ago, and although he loves it at Heather Hill, he misses his friend, Christine.

While they were both at Beachwood Pointe, Christine and Lee would spend their time talking, often in the company of another Beachwood resident, Sam. Lee stated at some point that he thought Christine and Sam would marry. Several years later, they did just that.

Sam asked Christine to marry him, and they celebrated their wedding at a beautiful venue in Broadview Heights in July. Lee learned of his friend's new marriage, of which he predicted, and wanted to give the happy couple a gift. Lee expressed his wedding congratulations and blessings in a thoughtful, beautiful card.

Lee also created a congratulatory video, and Rebecca Moore, one of Beechwood Pointe and Heather Hill's mutual team members, delivered both the card and video to Christine and her new husband, Sam!  Upon delivery, Christine shared all of her stunning wedding pictures.

Rebecca has known Christine and Lee for years. "They both are so kind and grateful. This story speaks volumes. A friendship of love and kindness that continues to be shared even at a distance and through challenging times." The connection between Lee and Christine is so special. Lee was filled with nothing but joy when he got the news and wanted to make sure that he could be a part of Christine's day in any way possible.

We were so lucky to be a part of this moment. Seeing the love that these two have for one another is truly heart-warming.

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