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Kind Words From The Chardon Senior Center

August 10, 2021
A picture says a thousand words! Chardon Seniors look forward to our fun, festive Drive-Thrus every month! They are always up for being photographed; they even pose! Natalie, the Recreation and Education Coordinator at the Chardon Senior Center, shared with us just how much their seniors love the events we do with them.

"I really do want to let you know how appreciative everyone is. Not only for these drive-thrus, but for the cooking demos, too. So, we make confir mation calls a couple of days before the events (the number of times they say, 'Oh yeah, I had it written down, but I forgot where I put the note to remind me!'). When I’m calling about the cooking demo, I’ll say, 'Do you want to know what the menu is?' and it’s so funny – most of the time, the seniors say, 'Nah, that’s okay. Chef Jason is making it, and whatever he makes is always amazing.' Or they’ll say, 'Thanks so much for the reminder – I love these drive thrus that you are doing, and I’d hate to accidentally miss them!' It’s just so heartwarming for me to hear, so I wanted to make sure I pass the word along."

"So many of our participants have given us profound acknowledgements on how much they love what we do, and how Heather Hill is so spectacular in sponsoring us."

Seniors were given fresh lemons at our most recent Drive-Thru because when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Thank you to the Chardon Senior Center, Natalie, Hannah, Peg, and Karen. You all are wonderful, and Heather Hill is happy to work alongside you all!

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