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Heather Hill Keeping Nursing Home COVID Free

August 24, 2020
Chardon, Ohio - COVID Free and Proud!

Heather Hill Care Communities is keeping residents and employees safe with infection control practices that adhere to ODH Infection Control standards to ensure resident and employee health and safety.

Our outside visits have started. Masks and distance are the words of the day. We really understand how the Chardon area has been affected by the COVID pandemic. It has been such a difficult few months for everyone. As we settle into this new normal, we are ever cognizant of our residents and their struggles.

Residents at Heather Hill Care Communities, and nursing homes in general, are particularly affected. Loneliness and depression are the unfortunate by-products of this pandemic for residents of care centers. We certainly understand how hard it has been. We do want you to know that our residents are looked after with even more care during this time.

Activities are being done in the rooms and socially distanced meals are frequent. We look in on your family member like they are ours. We love them like they are our family. They love our caregivers like they are theirs. It is a relationship that brings comfort to family members and residents alike.

Heather Hill Care Communities in Chardon, Ohio, is a care center with beautiful amenities, a plethora of experience, long term staff, quality care, and beautiful common areas. The team in this building is experienced in health care and very cognizant of how difficult this pandemic has been for families and patients. We're so proud of our beautiful building and our quality care. Our team looks forward to helping your loved one rehab back into the community or making them a part of ours.

From cancer care, dialysis, orthopedic therapies, tracheostomy care, dialysis, ventilator care and weaning along with long-term care to fall analysis, speech, physical, occupational therapy, and spiritual care, Heather Hill is a full-service care center with quality outcomes. We look forward to helping you or your loved one live life to the fullest.

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Heather Hill Keeping Nursing Home COVID Free
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We are looking forward to the day we open our doors to you, until then, please do your part and stay home, and most importantly be well.

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